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Port Meadow, Oxford , a drawing

26 Apr


This is a drawing made over several days of Port Meadow in Oxford, where , according to a map ( sent to me by Chris Gosden)  there is some Iron age activity on the East side of the river bank.  I drew, on top of a step ladder, to get a better perspective , of this very flat land.  Crows and horses are regular visitors to  the Meadow , it struck me that they always have been, I wondered if they have evolved a lot since 1500 BC ?


It was a very hot day ( 3 weeks ago !) , this is a photograph taken on top of the ladder at midday.


Danebury drawing

19 Apr


This is a drawing made on site , looking at the unaligned , brilliantly constructed , western gates at Danebury.  Occasionally a member of the public would walk around , down below ,through the entrance and jump when they saw me perched on the earth mound.

The light was crystal clear , the trees still had no leaves,looking almost startled themselves,  which meant that the landscape behind them was not obscured. It was an extraordinary complicated series of shapes and interweaving patterns to try and draw,to make sense of,  I am now making a larger work in the studio.