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New unexpected thoughts

22 Jun

As a way of focusing on the immeasurably large subject of ‘landscape’ , I have decided to draw a landscape a day ( for maybe only 10 minutes) , for a year..

a month on , I am still going.. surprised , each time by what the drawing pulls one into , what subjects it brings up, as if from nowhere, often as an afterthought : Image

The drawing above was made in a park, : I wrote next to it :

playing cricket, slight rain, park noises , laughter.

Looking at the drawing later, made me think about scale and time : human beings versus mature trees.


Shadows after heavy rain outside a window , thoughts on how a micro world can resemble a larger landscape, how small children make imaginary landscapes out of found materials.


A corner of St Cross College , Oxford: a sea of lavender and rosemary next to pillars , the idea of how plant life would take over cities, if only given a few years ..


Lastly , a small strange moment ,  :

Port Meadow ,

looking towards Burgess Fields,

just after a storm, in full sun,

a black cow behind a mound,

Wednesday , around 5 pm.







Excavations at Gonalston , Nottinghamshire, early field systems in the Trent Valley

7 Jun

I was on my way to look at what remained in the landscape, of excavated early field systems at Gonalston , from the later Iron Age onwards. Chris Gosden had warned me that I might find a boring field with no bumps.  After searching for a while, I came across a man , in the rain , on a tractor, but strangely he had no idea where Gonalston or the neighbouring village of Hoveringham were. I then saw , in the distance another man, standing forlornly at a crossroads , in the now heavier Sunday Jubilee rain. He , by contrast , knew the area well and said ; when I explained that I was an artist, wanting to draw a site that had previously been excavated,  that I was as mad as he was. He was organising a rally for classic tractors ; indeed, there were suddenly, many more tractors of every size, coming out of the rain as I double backed to find my spot, which turned out to be : Imagenot a boring field but a not so boring series of lakes. All traces from the Iron Age and the Roman Era , all the enclosures , the roundhouses, bread ovens, all submerged in 2012 , with occasional inlets pinned down by majestic pylons.


By now the rain was heavy..