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seeing, stepping

24 Oct

On a recent early morning run ,the path of which I know well,  I am amazed at how much I remember through my feet. Where a particular root or bump lies ,may be forgotten in the warm light of my kitchen , but out there, in the dark meadow ( Port Meadow , Oxford ) , each piece of rough ground , large puddle , comes to mind the second before I run over them. The land and ‘ bumps’ are judged by visual memory and felt with feet. This contact made me think of the strange allure of looking at pylons ,marching across a landscape , observing their ‘feet’ , or maybe legs straddling the land , which makes one understand the lie of it , in the same way as running does.

Embedded knowledge , an untapped resource ? held by runners, farmers , fishing folk , walkers , etc.. observing but crucially stepping over the land for many years.
 We are currently thinking of ways to do this , intertwining this knowledge with knowledge of archaeology , and maybe other ‘fields’ for a particular place.Image