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Emerging Landscapes

26 Jan

After a conversation with an artist friend ,Tamarin Norwood , who has kept up a daily writing routine since an early age , I felt inspired to try the same for only ! a year , with drawing.

So since May 2012 , I have made a drawing of a landscape a day , partly in order to keep focused on landscape and all that it brings, amidst the chaos of daily life.



Looking through these books of drawings , unexpected themes seem to emerge , which may not have been noticed ,without the evidence of the daily sketch.

The weather , this winter, has brought about a way of almost cancelling the landscape , in the form of floods and snow : suddenly a line of a river is gone and the small undulations of the ground ,become difficult to read in the snow. In the quick drawing above , drawn in low light , in thick snow, in an allotment, your eye seems aware of enclosure, dark posts and trees , and overall : pattern, but less of gradual terrain.


However, in the snow, tracks appear which help giving a feeling of distance, my notes next to this drawing read : ‘ snow storm, lines, people delighted with no school , 2.30pm ‘

When there is flooding , there is almost the same distortion of the land , in this drawing  the land appears in strips amongst lines of water ( there is also a  horse , and reflection)


What is all the more interesting is the transitional period , emerging land , mid flood and mid snow, here small dark patches of vegetation become the first material to be seen ( like some strange morse code ).


It is this phase that the viewer starts to second guess the lie of the land as it gradually comes back to normality . ( the drawing below shows a semi flooded landscape)


Do we have a heightened sense of landscape that we know well, seeing it come back ,having missed it , all these months ?