The EngLaID Vis…

4 Jan

The EngLaID Visual Blog starts…today but

The English Landscape and Identities project , started the 5 year project in October 2011.

The idea behind the project is to combine a mass of existing data ( from the period of middle Bronze Age , c. 1500 BC to the Domesday survey , AD 1086) to look at continuities and changes in land use and identity in England.The project works in close relationship with English Heritage , the British Museum , the Portable Antiquities Scheme , county HERs and the Archaelogical Data Service , the project is funded by the European Research Council .

It is a very complex project ! as project artist , Miranda Creswell will record , visually the team’s innovative ideas and working methods. She will  also , draw more specific land -based subjects.



The first meetings were exciting , as this is the first time that landscape and archaeological features, together with finds , will be looked at on such a scale and over such a long period.Image


This is the very first meeting,

we decided from then on, to always include a map of England on the table.

A visual tool to explain and go through problems and solutions!, the photos below show an initial geographical divide of work , which has changed since then.

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